The Kind Fest is a grassroots festival that was inspired by the desire to shine a light on one of the easiest and most effective tools for creating community, joy, and connection.


Our mission is to create a kinder world by modeling, educating, and encouraging others to action and honoring how it is already in practice. Our goal is to cultivate personal and community impact and create connection through one big celebration of kindness.

At the heart, The Kind Fest is the container for its mission. It is its founders, advocates, volunteers, sponsors, and festival-goers that equally share in the impact that kindness has and can have. The festival is a celebration of this work and the movement that uses kindness as a tool to create positive ripples through intention and action.

Kindness pARTNERS

We invest ourselves in bringing together conscious leaders, organizations, businesses, changemakers, artists, and advocates that share our vision and purpose. At the core of their ideas and practices is a foundation of compassion, collaboration, sustainability, inclusivity, and acceptance. They bring creative ways and tools of building connection which are accessible to everyone.


We believe there are three pillars of kindness which work in harmony with one another. Acts of kindness towards others, our planet, and ourselves work collectively to build bridges of acceptance, love, and sustainability. Every act of kindness creates a thread of connection that ties us all together. These threads create a single tapestry that commonly bonds and supports us. No matter the scale, every effort, intention, and person matters and is essential for building the loving world we aspire to thrive in.

Your Contribution

Like many things, kindness swings on a broad arc of action which makes it a powerful tool for every single person. From simple gestures like smiling at a stranger to devoted philanthropy and everything in between, the capacity for generosity, seeing others’ needs, and taking steps to cultivate connection and make impact are accessible to everyone.

It takes the contribution and collaboration of us all to shape the loving world we strive to live in and the ripple effect of kindness is the very thing that creates it. One of the Kind Fest’s key goals is to demonstrate how it is already in practice in the local community through its businesses, leaders, and artists and how they can inspire and influence ways for others to bring tangible and simple kindness practices into their daily lives.

The Kind Fest was created as much to celebrate kindness via its community organizations and businesses as it was through its attendees. Festival-goers attend to share their personal campaigns of kindness and bring ideas and solutions to share with others. They come to learn, to teach, to inspire and to be inspired.