We couldn't do this festival without the hard work, support, and energy of our volunteers!  Thank you for saying yes and supporting your community!

Points to remember

1. Check in at the Volunteer Booth next to the entrance of the festival.

2. Bring your own water bottle for refills

3. You'll be receiving a Kind Krew T-shirt

4. We'll have free fruit and beverages at the Volunteer Booth 

5. If you are working with money in your volunteer position, please download the Paypal Here app on your phone.

6. Have so much fun and know that you are helping create a kinder world by serving on this special day!

Video training of crisis management forms

Please take a moment to watch this video as Jodi give you a short 7 minute training on what the Crisis Management Forms are all about and how to use them.


Crisis Management Forms

Emergency Numbers

Incidence Response Plans

Incident Report