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"Our mission is to create a kinder world by modeling, educating, and encouraging others to action and honoring how it is already in practice.  Our goal is to cultivate personal and community impact and create connection through one big celebration of kindness." ~ Angie Louthan, Founder

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What is The Kind Fest?

  • The Kind Fest is a grassroots festival that brings together over 75 collective businesses, artists, musicians, organizations and kindness champions to demonstrate the lasting impact that acts of kindness can have on each other, our planet, and ourselves.



Why should I participate with The Kind Fest?

  • Get your brand in front of attendees who are seeking opportunities to create a kinder world, who are the new leaders of a greater tomorrow, and who want to inspire the next generation.

Why would someone attend The Kind Fest?

  • To identify local businesses and organizations who lead and model connection, compassion, kindness, and community service. 
  • To identify local businesses and organizations that are making a difference and with whom they can get involved with.
  • To identify ways they can integrate more kindness in themselves, their home life, relationships, work, communities, the environment, and globally.
  • To experience connection, play, kindness, and a positive community atmosphere.
  • To receive services or buy goods from artist vendors and businesses who practice kindness values.
  • To celebrate kindness and all it stands for.

Is The Kind Fest non-profit?

  • Allied Arts Foundation is our fiscal sponsor. All monetary sponsorships go through them for 501c3 tax deductions.


sponsorship levels:

Kindness Hero-Presenting Sponsor $5000

Kindness champion $2500

kindness advocate $1000

kindness AMBASSADOR $500


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