2018 Kind Fest Participant Instructions and agreement

We are SO excited that you have agreed to participate in the 2nd annual Kind Fest!  We are on a mission to create a kinder world and you get to play a special part in this celebration of kindness, connection, and community!

Please review the contract below and check off each box to show that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions.   A more detailed PDF version of the Terms and Conditions you can find them HEREThis contract needs to be filled out no later than July 14th.

The booth coordinator will be sending you a Paypal invoice that is expected to be paid no later than July 14th.

Certificate of Insurance and endorsement forms are due no later than July 14th for Vendors who are selling in their booth space.  Instructions and information about Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement can be located HERE.

Be sure to sign up for a time slot to Load In on Saturday morning through Signup.com  Only a few spots are available per 20 minute increments beginning at 7:00 am.  Please note there are 2 different load in zones (by the Admin building and by the Amphitheater space).  Read instructions carefully on the Signup.

Booth Coordinator will be reaching out to you on August 10th to provide you with a map of the park, map of the booth set up and your assigned location, load in times, any last minute information, ask if you'll be providing a raffle item, and confirm your Kindness Activity. 

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By checking each box, I agree that I have read and understood the terms and conditions provided by The Kind Fest.
By typing in my first, middle, and last name, I have read, understood, and agree to each item in the Terms and Conditions of this contract.