10:00 Amphitheater Stage


Erin Merrihew on being Compassion  

How would your life improve if you could stay openhearted through conflict? If you could process difficult feelings without isolating or shaming yourself? If you could meet yourself and others with dignity and compassion instead of judgment and blame? Erin will teach on how Compassionate Communication creates a kinder world both within and outside of yourself.

Erin Merrihew


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Shannon Williamson Kind Homes

What if we could create a kinder home for ourselves, our bodies, and our environment by starting with simple things like paying attention to the products that we are using daily?  Join Shannon on an exploration and conversation where she teaches about creating a non toxic chemical free living home environment.  Tools and information that you'll be able to take home so that you can take the baby steps to a healthier lifestyle.         

Chasing Wellness


12:00 pm Amphitheater Stage


Yasmin Nguyen on The Gift of Joy

With so much negativity happening in the world around us, we often feel stressed out, exhausted, hopeless, and overwhelmed.  What if the catalyst for change lies within our own daily experiences? What if we could leave a legacy of hope, positivity, and inspiration for our children and generations to come? What if our community was energized and dedicated to positive change?  Yasmin will talk about how the gift of Joy might just the thing that makes positive change possible!



Joyful Living Project  




Jacob Smith on Ideals of Love

One of the things all of us humans have in common is our desire for healthy, happy, and loving relationships.  Yet we continue to struggle our way through it and wonder why.   Jacob will use this time to share tools, techniques, and the 7 ideals of love, a revolutionary framework for realizing True Love.    



Ideals of Love

2:30 pm amphitheater Stage


Cait Pearson on Cultivating Kindness


Whether it's on her podcast, in her photography, or at a speaking engagement Cait's most foundational desire is to make people feel seen. Not for their public representatives that are neatly boxed in societal expectations, but for the personal inner power within us all that burns and hungers for more. She believes whole-heartedly that we already have it deep within us. Her mission is to help people discover it, harness it, and spread it like wild fire across their communities. It begins with Cultivating Kindness within!    Listen to our interview here  


 Cait Pearson





 Podcast How to let fear come but to not let it drive you