Thank you to Andrew Brown Photography for capturing this photo of Marli William's booth.

We are looking for artisans, grassroots groups, businesses, and non profit organizations who want to partner with us to create a kinder world; more connection, compassion, kindness, and community.  Let us amplify the good work you are doing!  Be a part of a festival where attendees are coming to learn how they can be part of the change they want to see in the world.      


Are you a business owner that believes we need a kinder world?   The Kind Fest is a great opportunity to reach people who believe in kindness to self, others & the world.  Through a business sponsorship, we'll promote your goods & services to our followers through pre-event promotional activities and on-site at our event.  We've put together some sponsorship packages but are open to consider other ways to engage as well.

In Kind Sponsorship

Every little bit of support helps The Kind Fest be a successful community event!  Your monetary donations, services, and products help create an experience that attendees will enjoy!  Let us know how we can support you in return!

booth options

Commercial Business booth:  Are you a business who is helping people bring more kindness to themselves, others, and/or the planet?  Come to get in front of attendees who are looking to identify local businesses and entrepreneurs who lead and model connection, compassion, kindness, and community.  Attendees who may be looking to identify and support businesses like yours.

Artisan/Vendor booth:  Are you an artisan that creates, supports, empowers, and/or sells a product that inspires people to create a kinder world?  We'd love to have you as one of our curated designers, artists, and craftspeople, giving our attendees a chance to purchase one of your unique creations.  Products must be handmade or created by you.  Examples are ceramics, soaps, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, sculpture, painting, mixed media, woods, and photography.  

Non-Profit booth:  Are you a non-profit organization that teaches, supports, empowers, and/or inspires people through your organization to create a kinder world?  Attendees are looking to identify organizations that are making a difference and with whom they can get involved with.


We are in search of a few guests who have a message to share about Kindness.  You'll get 10-15 minutes on our main stage to deliver your message around kindness to self, in relation to other people, and to the planet.  What can you speak to?


We are looking for performers who want to help create a playful, fun, and community atmosphere.  Apply to see if you are a good fit.